What is IoT?

What is IOT?

Hello science-hungry people, today I have come with a new topic for you, the topic is - What is IoT? Our science has become so modern that we are used to having internet, automation or automatic systems in everything.

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What is IoT?

When you use the internet, spend time in different browsers and search for other data, you may have seen the word "IoT" at least once. And just then you thought what is IoT?

And here I come with the answers to the questions that have accumulated in your mind about IoT

What is IoT?

Take a look at the answers to all the questions you will get after reading the complete article, given below-

  1. What is IoT?
  2. Full form of IoT?
  3. IoT definition and examples.
  4. History of IoT.
  5. How IoT works?
  6. Where is IoT used?
  7. What are the main components of IoT?
  8. What the Advantages of IoT?
  9. What is the future of internet of Things (IoT)?

What is IoT?

A network system based on the Internet, through which a device is connected to the Internet and performs various functions. These network systems use small scale computing systems. Like- Raspberry pi, Arduino, Microcontroller etc.

Full Form of IoT?

IoT stands for "internet of things". Let's describe a little more- internet of things (IOT) is used to control, control, monitor and improve the efficiency of the devices that are used in our daily life and in factories, industries by using the Internet on a small scale or on a large scale.

IoT definition and examples.

If we want to define IoT i.e. Internet of Things then we can say like this- The system through which control, monitoring, management of any device is done by creating a network using the Internet, computer system is called internet of things (IOT).

Example:- You live in America(USA). But you have a house in Germany. You have equipped all the devices in your home like (AC, lighting system, door lock system) using internet of things devices.

Then you can open and close the door of your German home from America, control the lights, control your home AC, and all these activities are called internet of things (IOT).

History of IoT.

What do you want to know? Who first invented the concept of Internet of Thinks? Then the clan does not know who is the inventor of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is available from "Kevin Ashton", co-founder and executive director of the Auto-IT Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This person is a British citizen. Kevin first coined the term "internet of things" in 1999 while working on a project at "P&G Company".

So let's find out how the "Internet of Things (IOT)" works?

How IoT works? 

First of all, if you want to use Internet of Things i.e. IoT, then you need to connect the devices used in your factory or home to the Internet.

To connect any device or device to the Internet, you must use a programmable logic controller or computing system.

These programmable logic controllers i.e. computer systems can be of various types such as-

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • AVR
  • ESP32
  • PIC
Now all these controlling systems have to be connected with your device in such a way that you can set specific programs in this controlling system.

You can also connect your IOT devices with the website if you want. 

Where is IoT used?

Now we will know, where we can use internet of things(IOT) or is used.

  • Smart Homes Monitoring;
  • Healthcare Monitoring;
  • Industry Monitoring;
  • Smart Cities;
  • Education Environmental Monitoring;
  • Agriculture Monitoring;
  • Retail Energy Management; 
  • Transportation and Logistics.

Besides, our scientists are using Internet of Things(IoT) in any work according to their needs.

What are the main components of IoT?

In order to work with the Internet of Things(IoT), the main devices, if not very important, the names of those devices or the names of the main components are given below-

  • Devices/Things;
  • Sensors;
  • Connectivity;
  • Data Processing;
  • Networking;
  • IoT Platforms;
  • Security Parameters;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • User Interface;
  • Standards and Protocols.

The above mentioned Internet of Things (IoT) components are very important. When you are going to incorporate an investment into the Internet of Things (IoT), you must consider these issues.

What the Advantages of IoT?

The benefits of using Internet of Things (IoT) are described below:-

  • Using Internet of Things (IoT) will give you new innovative ideas.
  • Any project can be analyzed and monitored in real time using Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Using Internet of Things (IoT) can safely perform dangerous tasks remotely.
  • Using the Internet of Things (IoT) can save you time and money.
  • Efficiency and Resource Optimization is possible using Internet of Things (IoT).
  • You can collect any data on a specific subject in a very short time.
  • With the use of Internet of Things (IoT) it is possible to get a better feedback from the customer.

Also Internet of Things (IoT) has many benefits that you will realize as a result of using it.

What is the future of internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) will gain more popularity and that will be through its work. It will make our life easier. Internet of Things (IoT) will be used in various fields like agriculture, industry, banking, meteorology, home automation, car automation etc.

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