Full Forms List - Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Engineering

Full Forms List - Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Engineering

If you are a networking engineer or telecommunication engineer, you must know the full meaning of the following acronyms.

By looking at the title of the article (Full Forms List - Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Engineering), you can understand that some of the subjects have been discussed in short form.

Full Forms List

Full Forms List - Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Engineering

So let's start, know the full meaning of the abbreviations used in telecommunication engineering.

Full Forms List - Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Engineering

IP - Internet Protocol

LAN - Local Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

LMT - Local Maintenance Terminal

WLCT - Wave Length Converter

GPS - Global Positioning System

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

DCDU - Direct current distribution unit

EMU - Environment Monitoring Unit

BTS - Base Transceiver Station

VSWR - Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

RRU - Remote radio unit

BBU - Baseband Unit

CPRI - Common Public Radio Interface

UBBP - Universal Busband Processing Unit

PING - Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications

QA - Quality Assurance

PAT - Port Address Translation

RTN - Radio Transmission Network

ODU - Outdoor Unit

IDU - Indoor Unit

RF - Radio Frequency

MW - Microwave

IF - Intermediate frequency

RSL - Received signal level

RET - Remote Electrical Tilt

RX - Receive

TX - Transmit

RTT- Roof Top Tower

GF - Green Field

TSSR - Technical Site Survey Report

LLVD - Load low voltage disconnection

BLVD - Battery Low Voltage Disconnect

RMS - Remote Monitoring Systems

PG - Power generator

GND - Ground

BL - Bandwidth-Reduced Low Complexity

MAC - Media Access Control address

NMS - Network Management Station

ISV - Independent software vendor

PIU - Power Interface Unit

MP - Measuring Point

RMON - Remote network monitoring

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

SFTP - Secure file transfer protocol

AM - Amplitude Modulation

VRF - Virtual routing and forwarding

IMA - Inverse Multiplexing over ATM

MML - Man–Machine Language

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

DSCF - Directional-Store-Carry-Forward

VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network

DNS - Domain Name System

SFP - Small Form-Factor Pluggable

I&C - Installation & Commissioning

XPIC - Cross-polarization interference canceller

XPD - Cross-polar discrimination

STP - Signal Transfer Point

DCN - Data communication network

NE - Network elements

OAM - Operation, Administration, and Maintenance

GNE - Gateway Network Element

LSA - Link state advertisement

OSPF - Open Shortest Path First

OPEX - Operational expenditure

CAPEX - Causing high capital expenditure

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

LB - Link Budget

PM - Performance Report

SSM - Synchronization Status Message

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

QOS - Quality of service

LTE - Long Term Evolution (4G)

PPPoE+ - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet plus

AC - Access Controller

CHAP - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

EAP - Extensible Authentication Protocol

PAP - Password Authentication Protocol

SSH - Secure Shell

SCP - Secure Copy Protocol

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard

ACLs - Access control lists


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