Most wanted hacker

 Most wanted hacker 

Most wanted hacker, Suppose one morning you wake up and turn on the computer for some very useful work. Every day the computer asks you for a password, you give the correct password but then you lose your mind seeing what happened.

Most wanted hacker

Most wanted hacker


You have tried to open the computer many times but it is not happening. This time you tried another way but it also failed, you went crazy, you said your computer was hacked by someone else. And all your important information has been stolen by that hacker. You picked up the computer in fear and threw it away.

 Most dangerous hackers in the world 

Hopefully, after looking at the writing so far, you have understood that this post is a post about hackers.

There is no work where the computer is not used. We use passwords on computers, laptops, mobiles, and websites. And a group of people find technology loopholes, steal important information from any common man, any country, intelligence department. All these people are called hackers. Are you prepared? I am going to introduce the Most wanted hacker in the world.

There are mainly two types of hackers:

  • White hacker
  • Black hacker

White hackers from within the law, but black hackers always carry out illegal activities. In the modern era, they have occasionally set up factories that have established the whole world. Today I will introduce you to 3 famous hackers in the world. Who stunned the world.

Jonathan James:

In the internet world, Jonathan James is identified as a comrade. At the age of 15, James did something that brought him the best hacker in the world, Air Tomka. Such hacking at such a young age could have turned the US government upside down. Almost all the important information of the American government came from the information on the Department of Discrimination. 

Jonathan James

Jonathan James

But the problem was when James hacked NASA's entire network. And downloaded a sufficient amount of data. It cost NASA about Rs 41,000 to recover and investigate this problem. Forced to shut down the entire system to protect the network. In 2007, American police arrested Jonathan James. He was released from prison in 2008 and died mysteriously at his home.

Kevin Paulsen:

There are often various competitions on TV, where the audience answers correctly by phone and one of them is considered the winner. If there is a four-wheeler price in such a competition, then each of us will want to own that four-wheeler car. That's what Kevin Paulsen, an American, wanted to be.

Kevin Paulsen

Kevin Paulsen

But he hacked the entire radio station's telephone system for 15 minutes without taking it straight to the street and became the owner of the four-wheeler of the audio competition by diverting the phone calls of all the other listeners.

He was spotted by the FBI shortly after the incident. Surprisingly, he hacked the FBI's system, then hacked the system in a supermarket and did a lot of damage. He was arrested by the police a few days later and after 51 months in jail, he started working for the police.

Gary McKinnon:

Also known as Slow. McKinnon hacked the biggest military computer ever. In 2001, Gary managed to infiltrate US military and Russian servers. And it is thought Carrying was the biggest military computer hacking. And after entering this server, he deleted some software.

Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon

It cost the US government 700,000 to recover. He said he did all this not for money but to learn about alien creatures, aliens, and he found out. He said some video footage and photos were found on the NASA system where clear spaceships were seen.

Here are some ways to avoid hacking

Keep WiFi off:

Turn off your mobile WiFi for no reason. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on all the time, even strangers try to see what's in the phone.

What's the problem with running all the time? The problem is, hackers can find out which networks you were active on before. Hackers used to get fraudulent traps based on the previous network. So at different times, you will see that you have fallen into the hands of hackers. And that's why after using your phone, you must turn off the phone's WiFi Bluetooth connection.

Use two levels of security:

The two-tier security system will keep your phone safe or your computer safe. The two-tier security system works in such a way that when you enter the password for the first time, a verification code is sent to your mobile phone after taking the password. This verification code does not allow you to log in until you have entered it. To fix it since it is sent to your mobile via SMS, so hopefully, this is a security measure. The system will keep you away from hackers.

Smart password:

You will set passwords to websites or accounts that contain important information that you need to touch. Let's give an example: Abcd$2203, such as Capital Letter Small Letter Enter the password using special characters and numbers. Such passwords become a bit difficult for hackers to capture.

Using HTTPS:

Use HTTPS while browsing each website. You can use the 'HTTPS Everywhere' tool to use HTTPS. This tool encrypts all the information in your browser. If you only use HTTP in the address bar, anyone can monitor your internet browsing. So you can stay safe while using the internet.

Hurry to buy internet convenience products:

When you want to buy a product online, you should definitely buy the product without thinking in a hurry. Since you have to provide personal information while ordering products online, you must order products online in a slow and steady manner at the time of purchase. Otherwise, your correct information may fall into the hands of a hacker.

Don't click on unfamiliar links:

Many times various types of links are sent to your messenger, email, or SMS via phone. Avoid clicking on such unfamiliar links. Because hackers can steal your information through such links. Or they may take your phone under their control.

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